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Removable Panel Installation

Follow the steps below to install your removable panels. For wallpaper rolls or complicated spaces, we recommend using a professional installer. We highly recommend the professionals at Paintzen. If they're not available in your area, a qualified installer can be found through the Wallcovering Installers Association. Note: if you have 'non-stick' paint on your walls, or a paint containing Teflon, removable panels will not adhere to the surface (nor will any peel and stick wallpaper).

1. Clean Walls 

2. Pencil a vertical line to serve as your starting point visual guide. 

3. Map our where each panel will be going on your wall. 

4. Identify the top and bottom of the panel. 

5. Starting at the top corner, gently pull the panel away from the liner. 

6. Pull a 2" - 4" strip of the panel away from the liner. This strip will be the first peice to adhere to the wall. 

7. Line up the Panel edge with your vertical pencil line. Beginning from the top, press the 2" - 4" strip firmly onto the wall. 

8. Once the panel is secure, reach under & grab the liner. Slowly pull the liner away from the panel while pressing the paper onto the wall & smoothing as you go.  

PRO TIP: when smoothing, work from the center outwards to push bubbles to the edge of the panel. Use a rubber squeegee. 

9. Our panels are designed to match-up side to side? 


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